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Signatures for Amazon.co.uk to stop using Yodel delivery network

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51 AdamOwen Terrible company.. hung up on me before even answering..
52 JohnRiordan My experience has been nothing other than megative - the last driver claimed attempted delivery when he hadn't, as I was on the premises at the time claimed.
53 OliverTodd Have been forced to use Yodel a few times now. I am only ever disappointed. Late deliveries, lies about "No one to receive cards" being left. Appalling. Yodel should be ashamed. How difficult is it to deliver parcels on time and to the right address?
54 NickFisher Clarks should stop using them as well !
55 MartinO'Neill Yodel?? More like Yo 'Don't' Del
56 NatashaMercer  
57 ThomasJoyce If you dont stop using Yodel for deliveries I may have to change were I do my online shopping. Sorry :(
58 RickyMcC I gave Yodel my number and help with my location, on Main Street! 6 times! They still couldn't deliver, but told plenty of lies about call cards left and parcel being "out for delivery". Amazon have a lot to answer for as well as Yodel!!
59 terrymcgrattan  
60 wynhearn I arrived home to find my present of top-of-the range breadmaker lying on the concrete path , where it had been dropped over the 6 foot high side gate to the garden . I am still furious about it.Please , please Amazon ditch Yodel, immediately.
61 TerryGibb Would rather Royal Mail over any courier.
62 ChrisHodges 2 problems with this company 1 item never came and had to get refund from company and second 2 weeks late with no apology after plenty complaints, never use online company who choose to use this courier again
63 williamdougan shoddy service from yodel/hdnl
64 LibbyLund Appalling company, would like to never have any dealings with them again.
65 TonySpiegel  
66 benjaminmale use royal mail. the best & the one we all trust!
67 AndrewWhitfield left my parcel outside house next to my bins which is basically on the steet. Did same again a few days later. rubbish.
68 johnmontgomery waited 3 days for next day parcel from Yodel. No contact number apart from automated service that told me packet had arrived when it had not and I still had to wait 2 days after that.
69 GlenFryer Purely selfish reasons as I work for Royal Mail and we are not allowed to doorstep packages etc and as such we provide a superior service.
70 RonGraves The companies that make up Yodel were very good individually. Together, however, they are 100% useless. Their tracking system is a joke, packages go on mysterious journeys before being returned to Yodel, and they have no concept of customer service.
71 adamgale very pleased to back this campaign - dreadful company.
72 ChrisBottomley HDNL are useless, with bad customer services, bad re-delivery and extremely bad pick up options. They have no care for their customers as long as they get paid, they don't care about the customer getting their product.
73 NatalieSwanson Despite paying for Amazon Prime, I don't get my deliveries the next day as first Yodel claimed my address doesn't exist (though I've lived here 11 years) and next time told me that the courier ran out of time to deliver to me. Drop them!!
74 PaulDobson I've had several bad experiences of Yodel/HDN and wholeheartedly agree with this petition. They are giving reputable companies a bad name!!!
75 MarkLitter  
76 chriswarke A really bad courier to many packets on my walk where left at the door and people thought it was Royal Mail that was responsible
77 GavinTurnbull Terrible service will stop me using Amazon
78 MarkFairhurst Received a slip through the door saying I had a parcel. So I went on Yodel's website and rearranged the delivery. Waited all day for the parcel that didn't come. Repeated the process 2 more times, the last time i phoned them to rearrange. Still no parcel.
79 MichaelMelles The only problems with deliveries from Amazon are the ones that they have sent via HDNL. The tracking service is extremely poor.
80 ChrisIves Hate HDNL! Awful service!
81 NathanBeard Such a poor company! I usually buy from Amazon of which I have done for the past few years. But this year has been appalling in regards delivery. Disgraceful! Yodel need to go now! Forget cheapest cost, it's about customer service
82 ReubenEdwards  
83 dcole 3 parcels thrown over 6 foot fence. no note left and parcels found in the rain. useless company.
84 oliverpizer they are crap
85 patrickmcdonnell We also use Yodel (1,000 parcels per day) and have also been hit by their poor service
87 KayMilner  
88 PaulJohnson This company is dreadful
89 JStevenson  
90 PaulStamp Please get rid of this appalling company. They are rank amateurs who let the good name of Amazon down
91 AWinkler I fear I cannot buy anything from Amazon until there is risk that this company will intermediate the delivery. I don't know if or when I'll receive my goods, not to mention the stress of seeing false information on the tracking page.
92 RichardKnight I avoid buying from Amazon if I suspect HDNL (now Yodel) will be "delivering." Once nightmare trying to find out how/when I could get re-delivery, second time package thrown over fence, third time also thrown over, package split open!
93 AmandaMoberley Yodel/HDN level of "service" is dire. Amazon, do you want to look bad? Use only Royal Mail - not perfect but infinitely better than Yodel.
94 andycascarino yodel are useless, say package was delivered and signed for. only problem was it wasnt me. no card or anything.
95 HelenMadge Had delivery go completely missing. Then lied again when replacement was sent about trying to deliver it when they didn't as we stayed in. Never left card when they did try delivering it 4 days later.Very rude person at desk and never answered phone
96 CElder Leave packages out with no signature. Don't leave card. Having arranged to collect got there to find it had gone out on van again. Use Royalmail easy to collect without traveling miles
97 JohnNevile Useless, useless, useless - and a bunch of liars. Failed deliveries, lies about deliveries, hopeless call centre. Amazon were a quality company to deal with - but not when they use Yodel.
98 MartinSmith From the HDL to Yodel I have never had a parcel delivered on time, not broken or not dumped without notice for some kind of parcel hide and seek. Recently it has been drivers sneaking 'we tried to deliver' cards through the door without knocking. Useless
99 michaeltorrington drop this company before we drop you
100 CraigCarr Scrap City link too!