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Signatures for Amazon.co.uk to stop using Yodel delivery network

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3351 PeterMarshall At the very least, Amazon should list which items they dispatch via Yodel so customers can choose to avoid them.
3352 AlexHole Plz Stop OK?
3353 IanRoberts useless said deliver did not then claimed they tried. Promised next day stayed home no delivery 90 minutes with online chat pointless
3354 DavidDawson Yodel claimed to have delivered a video screen worth nearly £300 that I ordered through Amazon. My credit card company is now sorting things out. I will now stop using Amazon and encourage anyone to do the same until they ditch Yodel.
3355 IreneoGrosso  
3356 DeniseEvans I also have had some bad experience with The horrible Yodel and now will not shop on line with any company that use Yodel to deliver as they are a big nitemare.
3357 DavidHarrison Yodel are terrible, and I've had enough of dealing with their incompetence and their lies.
3358 ChristineClay Twice failed to make any attempt to get a neighbour to sign for my parcel. Twice contacted office but no change!
3359 AafMeelen Horrible service. Pretending to deliver and not leaving notes whilst I was at home the whole time. The rudest Delivery man.
3360 AdamRobinson Yodel are the work of the devil.
3361 rachelfoster Yodel and amazon logistics are unbelievably shit.
3362 PaulRogers-Branch  
3363 NathanRogers-Branch yodel are appalling. They lie about attempted deliveries. They should be shut down.
3364 HelenCohen  
3365 IanRoberts  
3366 MichaelGoff  
3367 CarolineDahl  
3368 MylesHarfield I have never had a satisfactory customer experience if Yodel are involved. This will cause me to use Amazon less. It is worth paying more with other companies if they don't use Yodel.
3369 DavidSquire Please stop using Yodel they post to the wrong address! they have no idea what they are doing!
3370 mikarajamaki Yodel are pathetic. As soon as I'm informed yodel are involved I cancel the order. Compared to dpd they are a fucking joke
3371 VakMan Delivery late. asked amazon yesterday to get yodel to deliver again early morning. still no delivery as of yet. royal mail is so much more reliable.
3372 PhilTrory Yet another Amazon Prime "guaranteed delivery" lost by Yodel. JUST CANCEL THE CONTRACT. How hard is that?
3373 NickReiter Yodel have never delivered or collected without major issues and hassles. If Amazon insist on using them, they should at least give an alternative (Royal Mail): I would readily pay more for delivery than get "cheap" non-delivery by Yodel scammers.
3374 TrevorSmith Yodel have never succesfully delivered a parcel to my home address. Every other courier company has no problems. Scrap Yodel and burn their offices to the ground!
3375 BarryTunnicliffe Poor service on numerous occasions. Currently waiting for an Amazon order placed more than 10 days ago. Been given a Yodel tracking number that does not work on their webpage. Used Yodel myself once and the item took over 2 weeks to reach the destination
3376 TomKilvington  
3377 GemmaMcquillan I don't understand how companies can justify still using Yodel after so many customer complaints.
3378 NeilGregory I have had five things delivered by Yodel in the last four weeks. None arrived on time. Three were left with three different neighbours but no cards were left. Latest not yet here. Paid 20 for next day delivery two days ago.
3379 alaahbarakat yodel is a terrible delivery net work
3380 ShaneRowley We have yet to receive any goods that Yodel have been given to deliver.I am sure they just save them up for a car boot sale on a Sunday morning.
3381 DavidLinton When I arrived home I found my Parcel (monopod) lying on the back doorstep,soaking wet.
3382 AliMohamad Horrible service from Yodel.
3383 DavidWatkins Waisted whole day waiting for delivery of birthday present. Repeatedly checked tracking when at 17.00 it stated there had been an attempted delivery and a card left. LIARS. It has been as quiet as a grave here all day and as for the card no sign.
3384 annachuter bad customer service. I was home and they don't even take the time to wait or ring the door bell!!!! When you phone their customer service they make you wait for ages before they pick up the phone.
3385 markyoung ridicules. they scanned my parcel two street down and some one called Lynne has signed for it. Yet no one is able to tell me where Lynne lives and this Lynne hasn't even tried dropping my parcel off. furious
3386 MikeCollyer Last 4 deliveries thrown over fence as we have secure front gates with intercom & driver cannot be bothered to ring therefore none are signed for. Last delivery damaged as a result! Takes ages to answer phone to complain then no resolution !!
3387 KeithLilley Please stop using Yodel, their service is rubbish and they don't leave calling cards.
3388 NeilJones Yodel fail to deliver next day Prime promise packages. They take days to deliver and bungle at every stage. This is damaging Amazon customer relations. Please stop using Yodel, regular Royal Mail is much more reliable.
3389 RadvileSulskyte Yodel is providing beyond poor service which I would not pay for
3390 NeilHumphrey Absolute disgrace of a company. Shoddiest company ever. Can't believe Amazon allow this shambles to carry their reputation.
3391 StuartDixon Yodel expected today - no idea - impossible to contact - telephone contact number adds a charge to your ordinary network fee - only gives a recorded answer - if you do have the patience to wait (and pay for the privilege) - Please use DPD or any NOT YODEL
3392 JeffLawson YODEL ARE A DISGRACE..Parcel due Saturday its now Tuesday and still waiting, this is the 5th time from 8 orders Yodel have failed to deliver on time...SHUT THEM DOWN NOW.
3393 JanetLawson SHUT YODEL DOWN "NOW" We have had the odd late delivery from DPD or UPS etc BUT it seems almost every single time Yodel are the courier we end up waiting around for days at a time, and they even "lost" a mattress a few years ago when they were HDNL.
3394 DavidLeeming They refuse to deliver my parcel despite me giving them the correct delivery address, senders address details. Thieves
3395 MatthewBrowne  
3396 JaneMcGachey to call yodel cretins is an insult to all true idiots
3397 LauraMichelle And while you're at it, get rid of Hermes, who are just as bad.
3398 MaxSzolcek  
3399 EmmJulien I actually don't understand why any company would want to use them
3400 MarkLeaning Terrible Company