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Signatures for Amazon.co.uk to stop using Yodel delivery network

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3301 SimonParkin Many late/damaged deliveries. Would never use Yodel again - rather buy elsewhere.
3302 robinhoskin This is such a sub standard service , I will only use a credit card now to pay as I need the extra security because of untruthful delivery drivers, even had major issues with Hermes
3303 LloydPhillips  
3304 TonyGayter They are worse than useless!
3305 stephenmellor I have lost many items when "delivered" by yodal. When questioned, apparently it was left "near the bins" - its a block of flats with communal bins that aren't secure, on a main road and anyone (including public passing by) can access! liars
3306 JayneSmith please stop using Yodel!
3307 AndrewDuncan Simply a terrible company. Twice I have had drivers sign for packages themselves and left outside when nobody was in. Both times the parcels went missing so we're either stolen by passers by or the driver themselves.
3308 bensoencer  
3309 ChrisJames Yodel should not be allowed to operate
3311 tonysimper Do not use this awful company.
3312 PeterPhilpot  
3313 JeremyLynton Amazon, why are you risking your reputation for good customer relations by hiring a firm like yodel to (not) deliver your shipments? Yodel regularly lie about attempted deliveries, and about claims to have left cards.
3314 SophieKinsley Three weeks before Christmas they 'delivered' a parcel. It transpired the driver had signed my name and said I couldn't sign it as I was blind. I am not and no-one in my family is blind and the parcel was never received. The firm is a disgrace.
3315 JodieEdwards Delivery never showed, courier lied about attempting. Next day, customer service lied and said out for delivery and gave me couriers number. Answered after ringing 10 times to find out he wasn't even delivering that day ended up collecting frm his house!
3316 KimberleyGraham Yodel are the worst courier service I've ever used, absolutely awful. Particularly when they left a brand new camera "in a safe place" - under my housemates car wheel, in a puddle. Well done.
3317 sallyberkeley Worst delivery company ever had, order arrived 1 month late due to misdeliveries and bad admin.
3318 BrydenSmith  
3319 MichaelBelcher  
3320 DmitryKirsanov There is hardly a worse experience possible than with Yodel.
3321 NickiWood I have never had a good experience with Yodel. I really wish Amazon wouldn't use them.
3322 RebeccaJones Yodel are appalling and I'm sick of paying for Prime and not getting my deliveries I'm paying a premium service for. Parcels thrown over tall back gate onto concrete, rude drivers, all sorts or issues!
3323 simonclark they just cannot find our front door
3324 ChrisMartin-Taylor Worst delivery company in the country. They know it, but they don't care.
3325 SOrr  
3326 JamesSalter Yodel sucks, never any use. Just use DPD, Royal Mail and Parcel Force from here on out.
3327 SteveSwindon  
3328 NicholasFrengle Extremely unhappy with my experience over Christmas and the fact that Yodel LIES about attempted delivery, and jerked me around for a week. In the end I had to jump out in front of the delivery van who was going to not stop to deliver. Horrible.
3329 ClaireMcWilliams Until Amazon can confirm, absolutely, for each item that it will not be shipped by Yodel, I will be unable to order. Too many parcels are lost, stolen or damaged and the staff are utterly dishonest.
3330 TristanCooper  
3331 AndyBritchfield Bad experience and blatant lying about attempting delivery 3 times. Can't follow simple instructions posted on door. Delivery Driver clearly brain dead.
3332 JenniBeaumont Brand new book just arrived looking like its been dropped from a dizzying height - just the latest in issues with Yodel.
3333 catetekdal Terrible service. I loathe Yodel and having anything to do with them. Please stop.
3334 zakheys Bought some perfume for my new girlfriendĀ£48 on the28th november for Christmas day, still hasn't arrived its now the 9th January, makes me look daft, really upset!
3335 RhonaMcinnes Dreadful service from Yodel, have waited all day on parcel and told it be here by 7pm, guess what it by that time and parcel not here
3336 EdC They were dreadful service and ruin amazon.
3337 MichaelWebborn Having had many packages delivered in the past few weeks, Yodel has consistently failed everything from a normal delivery service. Simply awful. I am considering leaving Amazon Prime on the basis I simply cannot guarantee Next Day delivery anymore
3338 paulhughes simply the worst delivery company currently still operating in the UK
3339 ChrisWilliams  
3340 AlexKay I have had nothing but trouble with yodel. Not real delivery drivers just part timers who do it after work so all deliveries are after 7pm, and even though there is more than one person at home it still shows up on their system as delivery failed. They ju
3341 GaryBarnes Giving Amazon a bad name
3342 seanorawe The worst courier company on earth
3343 NadeemSyed Terrible service.
3344 DaveHarfield In every instance I have had to deal with Yodel I have ended up not recieving my parcel. That Amazon see use them will mean a drastic reduction in the goods I purchase through Amazon - unless I can guaranatee Yodel won't be the delivery option used
3345 SaraBristow Yodel never deliver on time. They lie about attempting deliveries and leaving cards. Can't understand why Amazon continue to use them; its damaging their business.
3346 AndrewBrett  
3347 MartinWells Yodel simply are: useless, incompetent, rude and don't deserve my money.
3348 magdalenaGarbatova Yodel has made my life a nightmare please erase it from amazon ASAP
3349 jamieCapel Absolute farce of a company
3350 KimFoster Yodel claimed they attempted to deliver a parcel today and left a note. There was no attempt and no letter as we were in all day. Disgraceful, please stop using Yodel