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Signatures for Amazon.co.uk to stop using Yodel delivery network

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3251 JonasBouchedid  
3252 JohnJoyce Paid for Prime next day delivery and Yodel decide to deliver 3 days later. This is not good for Amazon who usually deliver on time via Royal Mail, DPD UPS and other good courier companies.
3253 DharshanRanu Absolutely appalling service from yodel. Ordered an Ipad and the had the nerve to chuck it over to my garden.
3254 DianaWeinhold At least provide an option to pay extra for PROPER delivery by Royal Mail. I work during the day and live in central london, so there is no safe place to leave a parcel. I NEVER get anything sent to me by Yodel. Absolutely terrible service.
3255 LaurenHayes Yodel has been voted as the UK's worst parcels delivery firm for the second year running. Stop using them!
3256 NikolettaBerak Don't use yodel please!!!
3257 HeatherChidgey This company causes too many problems and should be closed down. Do not use them.
3258 ClaireHalifax  
3259 garycoppi  
3260 dawnlowe  
3261 lizH For goodness sake, why..... 1. Why do Amazon continue to use these unprofessional,unreliable so called) deliverers? 2. We need the press and t.v. Media to take up this topic. Watchdog??????
3262 LDine Worst courier ever. I dread ordering from Amazon and seeing that my delivery is being handled by Yodel.
3263 LouiseDouglas  
3264 OliverSimmonds Yodel are terrible. Rude and uncourteous drivers
3265 julieclark Never use them they delivered my items damaged
3266 JonMarks Just stop using these guys
3267 ChristineBlackmore  
3268 MargaretRowarth 3 times Yodel were supposed to deliver my Hostess Trolley that was bought and paid for through Amazon .. Yodels excuse was that the item was Hazardous. I am still waiting for my item to be delivered
3269 RenateChappell  
3270 alistertroup  
3271 GeorgeDuthie Yodle is useless, please give your customers an option to use Yodle OR NOT
3272 VJAplin Please stop using this awful company. They lie about delivery and then lose the parcels.
3273 StephenHiggins  
3274 JoeRisbridger  
3275 DerekBirkett Deliveries not on dates they should be ,no way to contact them to complain
3276 SophieStevens They are appauling!
3277 SpencerTAPIA Terrible service from Yodel, they are an absolute joke. Until you stop using them, I will not purchase from Amazon again.
3278 MarcusKing  
3279 RyanBiercewicz Yodel are a terrible service from start to finish, and never seem to get any better. Bin em
3280 anthonysimpson worst delivery network EVER! steer clear if possible!!!
3281 kaychilvers Yodel are useless, stop using them
3282 louishylands  
3283 WojciechGrott It is just a joke.. they simply dont deliver items.. they never appear but they should.. Two ordered items.. two refunds because of not delivered items...
3284 JoshMarchant YOdel suks
3285 leepatterson Yodel are so unprepared for the amount of work they try to do. Very unprofessional service
3286 ChristopherMcCartney  
3287 RayBrown Please take note of your customers and stop using Yodel. Their delivery performance is apalling. Latest delivery from Amazon should have been delivered on Monday 8th December. Now 10 30pm on Tuesday 9th December and still no delivery. Utterly unreliable
3288 AndreaNewlyn-Jones Complaint to YODEL – 24-11-2014 – Amazon Order No: 204-0344552-1076301 Tracking No: JJD0002218800026410 Amazon is already aware of the problem I had with Yodel on 24-11-2014!
3289 JANEALLEN I won't be using Amazon any more if they continue using Yodel. Same goes for Argos and any other company using this dreadful delivery firm.
3290 TimLocke Appauling service and no customer service trained staff whatsoever item ordered on the 6th December next day delivery still not hear on the 12th then it was "item lost"! we have a back log and not yet reached 6th December!
3291 fredricksmythe  
3292 russelldraycott absolute joke no parcel arrived after 11 days (1 week later) still no parcel.
3293 StevenCotton Yodel are the courier I dread the most, please switch!
3294 sarahbannan Disgraceful service from Yodel, not acceptable for your customers buying your goods and then Yodel totally pissing people off with there shocking service!!!!
3295 DarrenWicklow Left a £400 power tool out in the rain!!!
3296 JimFergusson YODEL really are appalling - A 'Tracking Service' that gives a 9 Hour delivery Window from a local center is not acceptable in 2014 - Please Change them Amazon. DPD gives a 1 HOUR timeslot - which reduces to 10 MINUTES if you follow the Tracking Map
3297 simonfrost I have had nothing but awful delivery and customer service from them. They are is a joke and give you Amazon a very bad name, get a decent delivery company like DHL UPS etc. I would gladly pay a bit more for a decent service
3298 PaulV This company is a shambles. Once a delivery is given to a driver there is simply no way to control it - their systems and processes are rubbish.
3299 robertgraham this service stinks
3300 elizabethgraham AMAZON must do something about this TOTALLY incompetent company. STOP USING YODEL OR WE STOP USING AMAZON.