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Signatures for Amazon.co.uk to stop using Yodel delivery network

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151 katemack  
152 RosHolden Yodel are appalling- please go back to using the Royal Mail!
153 MaureenEyre very unreliable, had to wait in for a parcel until 6pm - only to discover that it was the parcel that had ALSO been in the porch WITH the card that said they had TRIED to deliver a parcel and it would be delivered next day!!
154 RyanFrance Yodel stole a parcel i was waiting on for 10 days, my girlfriends birthday present! Wasnt from amazon but still, I wont be using amazon till resolved
155 DaphneHavercroft  
156 charleneaitkin absolute rubbish!!!
157 philleach yodel are the worst delivery network in the uk
158 JGlen Absolute farce. Ordered 23 things from Amazon this Christmas, of which 12 were sent by HDNL. 11 of which turned up over a day late, one went missing. Just dire.
159 KrisiOldham  
160 AllysonBirch Disgraceful Customer Service. THEY ARE NOT DOING THE JOB THEY ARE BEING PAID TO DO !!
161 JamesStuart YODEL are an absolute joke. The worst delivery company ive ever had the misfortune of dealing with.. Amazon, stop using them PLEASE!!!!
162 NicicastellNiciCastell Collected parcel myself. Books are damp from sitting in depot for days.Yodel are hopeless!
163 PaulLong Amazon have dropped from the top of my list to the bottom thanks to Yodel and their continued use of Yodel after 3 seperate order/delivery failures in the past 30 days.
164 JohnMiddleton Yodel are appalling please a different carrier, who can write, ring a bell, not leave parcel in the rain!
165 EthanFord I've recently has two parcels returned to the depot without an attempted delivery... probably because the driver couldn't be bothered! People complain about Royal Mail but Yodel are a total disgrace!! DON'T USE YODEL!
166 SandraNewell Yodel are absolutely ridiculous. Been chasing my parcel for over a week now. Cannot believe Amazon are still using them. Until this changes, I will NOT be using Amazon again.
167 swr absolutely useless.
168 PhilipHaddock YODEL is crap!
169 StuartHallows Waiting for parcel to be collected. Arranged three dates, still not collected. Pretty bad.
170 jasongore don't use them, i'm still waiting for my copy of mw3, for delivery on release date.
171 hayleywilkinson I like amazon, but my Yodel has been terrible. Despite the fact i enjoy shopping on amazon, Yodel are so bad I would stop shppping there to avoid having to deal with this company again if i had to
172 selenaevans Just POOOOOOOOOOOO...... said had paperwork and no parcel... told this after 3 hours phoning 0844/71 numbers.Which was complete pants as parcel then arrived 6 hours later. Dumped on wet doorstep in pooring rain... poor service all round
173 jayaird please for the love of god stop using this company, consistently late or non-delivered
174 ElaineGibson Dishonest and utter crap !!
175 MarcinWitkiewicz  
176 RitchieDakin Yodel are absoulte rubbish to deal with and cause unwanted stress and concern over getting a parcel delivered. I will stop using Amazon if they can't get this sorted out.
177 StephenCoombes  
178 AJohnstone  
179 JamesCharlesworth stop yodel
180 DerekWilliamson Long time user of Amazon, this is the first order to be cancelled due to Yodel failing to deliver on numerous occasions.
181 cristinacano alcocer they are a piece of s****t get rid of them!!!
182 BrianSteele  
183 lizwhite My last order has now been sitting in their local depot for 6 days with no attempt at progress. This service is appalling.
184 AndrewNorris I ordered 2 printers via amazon/yodel both of which arrived smashed to pieces. I don't blame amazon for one minute,it's down to the shoddy courier.
185 BrianHickling Parcel not deleivered even though they calimed it was and I had been in all day. I have also heard of them leaving parcels directly outside the door and without a card and this is also unacceptable in my opinion.
186 SamanthaJoseph  
187 ChloeSmith Horrendous company, everytime I've had parcels delivered via yodel, they either turn up late, broken or left outside a block of flats, if they're delivered at all. I've stopped using amazon because they continue to use these jokers.
188 BenjaminTaylor  
189 JakubKaplan  
190 EdwardRobinson So far Yodel have. Lost a 600 digital camera. Signed for (only not by me). Found a package today (under my car, no note through door).
191 AndyM Ordered something from Amazon which was dispatched via HDNL, it sat in the depot for 2 days, the only thing that made it move was me contacting Amazon about it, until they start using a decent courier I'm not going to order large parcels from them
192 georginariley If Amazon continue to use Yodel, I will dis-continue using Amazon. Georgina Riley
193 richardwalker they are a joke , and will put amazon out of business
194 LarryCunningham Terrible Service, i use Amazon alot, but if they continue to use Yodell, i will stop ordering from them
195 stevenburrows thought yodel were bad way before xmas. did consider not renewing my prime account due to the fact if yodel handle it it probley wont be a next day delivery.
196 JamesAshton  
197 HelenVick  
198 BryanFawcett I WILL cancel any future orders scheduled to be (not) delivered by this awful company.
199 IanBurrows Ordered on the 3rd December. Its the 23rd today and still no sign of my parcel. I have resigned myself that I am not going to get it by Christmas. According to the tracking facility they are playing pass the parcel with my goods between two depots
200 RebeccaOdell The service Yodel/HDNL is a disgrace, and ruins the amazon brand. I won't be placing anymore orders until I can be confident in their delivery.