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Signatures for Amazon.co.uk to stop using Yodel delivery network

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101 DarrenSeaton Absolutely terrible customer service. Constantly told different stories on each occasion I called to find out what happened to my delivery to be finally told 5 weeks later they had "lost it".
102 DavidTyler  
103 AndrewDuffy Terrible service, claimed to have delivered item before amazon had even marked as dispatched, continued to use previous occupant of flat (6 months previous) of proof of delivery
104 NicolasLasen Came home to find my parcel behind the garden gate in the garden, no card through door or any other notification left. Luckily it did not rain or my goods would have been ruined, not happy
105 marcleeks i agree yodal are terrible delivery company, products thrown over in my backgarden and soaking wet from the rain!
106 SuzanneBeardsley It was so much better when you used Royal Mail. This delivery firm are very poor. We need Amazon back to being reliable with guaranteed delivery dates please.
107 SteveWilliams Terrible service, wares my money buying Amazon Prime.
108 ChrisBurn As an extremely loyal customer to Amazon for around ten years I am seriously considering shopping elsewhere from now on - really had enough of Yodel/HDN and I know a LOT of my friends and family are of the same opinion.
109 TPrice Parcels damaged, rained on, left out even ringing the doorbell, left in full view of passers by and one even soaked in diesel! Amazon itself is great but this delivery company really puts me off buying from them.
110 JFerguson As an extremely loyal customer to Amazon for around ten years I am seriously considering shopping elsewhere from now on - really had enough of Yodel/HDN and I know a LOT of my friends and family are of the same opinion.
111 JonathanBarco Not only experienced bad service for packages with Amazon, CPW too. HDNL/Yodel... New name, same crappy service
112 JoannaLewis Collection to return goods took 2 weeks!
113 UldisPirags I have experienced Yodel in 6-8 deliveries, I am not satisfied with any of those deliveries. One parcel is still not delivered, the estimated delivery time was 6 days ago.
114 LucyLambert I've been away for the weekend. Yodel left my parcel next to my front door all weekend - in plain sight, anyone could have walked off with it. It then rained heavily - contents ruined. Really not impressed.
115 TimKnight  
116 AndrewHeaton  
117 ZaneErgle YODEL is just not working right!!!
118 DebraTaylor This company is useless
119 KerryGibson  
120 JohnWales  
121 TraxPatel Yodel are the worst. I have stopped using Amazon because of them!
122 CarlNumbers Service from this company the worst I ave ever experienced, won't be ordering as much from Amazon
123 KarlaJordan The worst delivery company ever. I have started using other companies doing the same products just because they use Royal Mail
124 HalukGurer Worst delivery company that amazon uses.
125 AYoung Service is poor, compared to how good it used to be.
126 MarkMurphy I recently experienced Yodel amazing delivery and customer service. Which is to say extremly bad. I use Amazon alot and would not want go through that all again.
127 DarrenGuy  
128 MattSkeet Useless
129 EricaNash If Yodel can't handle the volumes at least stop lying about it by marking things "delivered" when they clearly haven't!
130 DanielaShittu Terrible!!!
131 GeoffFletcher Yodel delivered twice and didn't attempt to knock or ring, it was only because I was in the hallway that I saw them outside the door.
132 LewisWells Unprofessional company!
133 JanetMuir Absolutely rubbish service. Stayed in 2 different days and they failed to deliver on both days, as well as going to the Depot where the parcel could not be located. Phone calls are not returned and when you call it is a premium rate service. A disgrace.
134 JozefGlover-Akpey Worst delivery service ever
135 RachelStocker Terrible company
136 MikeHooper My parcel was left in the rain by the waste bin! Could have been taken as rubbish or stolen.
137 andycollins Bunch of thieves stole my iphone!! Bams
138 ANTHONYEDWARDS I have had loads of parcels delivered via yodelfrom many online compaines amazon tesco clarks littlewoods Argos and very etc and never had a problem with there sevice and I live in N Ireland all the deliveries come in 2 days great service YODEL.
139 AB Absolutely horrible courier company! Amazon, stop using them or people will stop using you!
140 MattTreml Yodel (formerly HDNL) are just too unreliable.
141 DavidCarr "Next Day" delivery has been sitting at Brsitol depot for three days
142 concernedcustomer Total unacceptable level of service and communication frfom Yodel. Amazon have failed bigtime on their Amazon Prime next day service
143 DavidHays Change your courier
144 TracWhitaker After so many years of good service, as well as being my favourite site, Amazon are sadly ruining their own reputation by using this incompetent, lying courier service.
145 MattPowell  
146 AlexElliott this company is so unreliable that it is now becoming an issue to consider when ordering off Amazon.
147 RichardPayne Left my parcel outside and then it rained. Luckily the goods were shrink wrapped but it could have been ruined.
148 StephenLockett The HDNL service is plain awful. Like other customers, I too have received very substandard service from them. They delivered two packages to my house yesterday evening, and left them outside in the rain and snow.
149 ChristopherWebber When HDNL (New Cross) deliver on the "prime" day (IF they do so) it is usually after 8pm. My experience through Amazon and others is that HDNL are unreliable, unaccountable; and (at New Cross) employ drivers who can't even lie competently.
150 jeanetteward Please, please stop using Yodel - they are utterly appalling!!!!!