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Signatures for Amazon.co.uk to stop using Yodel delivery network

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1 MeiCHOU Last month, my delivery was supposed to arrive through Yodel, customer service admitted to me that she had no idea why the item was sitting at the delivery centre for 3 days. This was the 2nd time I had called to chase her.
2 LauraJerwood Rubbish company that cannot be trusted with items supposedly sent next day delivery. NOT cost affective as puts people off purchasing if this is the means they arrive by!
3 JuliaDavis The delivery service from Amazon has gone downhill since using Yodel! Their drivers are rubbish, don't knock, don't leave cards and don't come back!
4 PeterWedd Delivered parcel between two bins outside. No note through door - perosn was in house. Lucky on three counts - not "taken", weather ok and spooted in the dark.
5 AndrewRichards Every delivery when amazon use this firm is LATE! Its ruining Amazons good name.
6 KatieLovell If Amazon don't stop using Yodel, I will stop using Amazon!
7 francesbaxter worst company ever
8 DebbieWeir Yodel - the worst delivery company!
9 EmmaM Yodel must rank as the worst delivery company on this planet come on Amazon listen to your customers who spend thousands of pounds with you and remove Yodel
10 SallyHorobin Yodel stole an item that they claim wan not delivered. Fortunately I was able to resource from Tesco. Now I have ordered another item from Amazon, only to discover they have given it to the same theives, not expecting this to turn up.
11 MariaHunt This company are awful. They apparently can't even contact their own Vauxhall depot to find out why they've been holding my parcel for 9 days & have ignored the daily re-delivery instructions that are being sent to them. Amazon should listen to their cust
12 CherylWright  
13 DenisShukur Yodel are a complete waste of time and a nightmare at best. Please avoid using them.
14 MKilby PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! Amazon stop using this poor excuse for a company!
15 phidunn arder was due 15 expediated delivery still waiting phoned hdnl and they were very abrupt and wont tell me any info nobody should use hdnl
16 DebbyFreeman I finally had a package THROWN over my gate from Yodel which had been sitting in their depot for 5 days before they delivered it.
17 DavidFenwick Two times now in space on 2 weeks that deliveries have not arrived. In both cases we were buying t-shirts on a sale price, they are now out of stock on Amazon and even if they do become available again I won't be able to get as good a price. Yodel suck!
18 ZELDATOLLEY Our Amazon parcel was due to be delivered by Az Prime using HDNL on 12th Dec & still not delivered (on 17th). Meanwhile complaint to Amazon resulted in parcel sent DPD & arrived next day.
19 ryanjones don't use this horrible company!
20 StephanieSmith  
21 AndrewPolak Absolutely atrocious service. Has destroyed all confidence in Amazon.
22 DickBowman Until Amazon stop using this incompetent outfit I am using alternative suppliers whenever possible
23 RichStannard Disillusioned Amazon Shopper as well as an independent Amazon Marketplace Seller (not a business)- if I treated my customers with this appaling service - I'd have so much NEGATIVE FEEDBACK - it would put off people buying from me ... get your act together
24 KieraMc Donald  
25 JimCleary My order was committed for delivery on December 12th; 4 days later I still have no delivery and no tracking information - it has just vanished.
26 RobinaHarper After many years I will be cancelling my amazon account soon if they continue to use Yodel. I have now had 3 parcels left in the raid on a step when someone was at home to collect them
27 LiamGallear  
28 OscarChallenger I have left many comments about this through Amazon customer service
29 AleciaB YODEL ARE CRAP!! Have had my parcel for 4 days now and it should have been next day delivery. Customer services just keep promising to send emails to the depot! I doubt I'll use Amazon again.
30 DougMorgan Yodel have caused me no end of stress. Their attitude is terrible, their customer service is non-existent, communication and organisation is diabolical, their management is negligent. Don't know how they can get away with it.
31 leeblake can we please apply this to tesco too as they are now using them for the direct deliveries
32 CThompson Please stop using HDNL/Yodel, I want to keep using Amazon but with deliveries from this carrier simply not turning up there is no point.
33 AnthonyNuttall Yodel 3rd party delivery driver stole my parcel from O2 as well!!!!
34 TristanJohn  
35 MarkJones Yodel are hopeless.
36 AliceRumsey Yodel left my Parcel in a place that it could clearly be stolen from and they left no card to indicate it's attempted delivery which is apparently company policy. Can't believe a company as fantastic as Amazon would risk its reputation by using them!
37 rickf yodel are a disgrace and should not be used.
38 MonazMehta Cost us three working days and many phone calls to wait for one item. And another item was left in the rain, I was in all day and they did not even try to knock or ring the door bell. Awful service. Avoid if possible.
39 MalcolmBeaton Absolutely useless - had a expensive cd box set delivered in a box that looked as if they had been playing footbal with it - lastest delivery has been stuck 200 miles away for over a week now
40 margaretsims they lost my parcel never received, they are pathetic
41 samali Please use an alternative courier. Yodel are just terrible. There so bad i joined a petition against them...!
42 JeremyParkes Amazaon must stop using Yodel - the only way Yodel will ever listen and get better
43 MarkStevenson Amazon. Stop using Yodel/HDNL NOW !!!!
44 StuartPatterson Fed up with HDNL/YODEL - Please use a company that will actualy deliver when they say they will. Don;t have these problems with other retailers!
45 SarahBailey  
46 HarryEagles Ive had bad experiences with Yodel
47 JulieSerle Yodel apparently tried to deliver my parcel on 2/12/11. They didn't try again till 6/12/11. I missed this and reorganised for 15/12/11. They never turned up. I called & was told that they couldn't tell me when it was going to be delivered. Disgraceful.
48 tonidavies I work for a media company and we use yodel/hdnl and they are useless,card's left (not) delay's in depot's no info on website, do us a favour and get rid!!!
49 SueMansbridge This company are awful and I have had nothing but bad experiences with them. Please stop using them, or at least give us the option to have them deliver to us. Play.com assure me that they do not use Yodel.
50 JoBarton They did not leave a card and that's if i even believe that they tried to deliver it! Took me 4 phone calls and ages to sort it out!